Promotional Product Placement Advertising

  • Feb 27, 2020


 Product Placement Advertising – Not just for the big screen

Product placement is a tool advertisers use to obtain exposure for their brands.  The use of product placement with which consumers are most familiar is the prominent inclusion of a product or service in a movie. You see it every time you watch a movie, big brands strategically placed, making you thirsty for a nice cold soda or beer.     Many other venues for product placement are available, however, and small business owners need not compete on a national playing field for such opportunities. 

We call it Promotional Product Placement Advertising

Community Events

Placing your branded promotional product in community events, including charity fundraisers, will help your business gain brand recognition and customer loyalty.  The key to success is to place your promotional product at a charity or community event that complements your product’s utility to gain the most from your advertising dollar.  A shaker sports bottle with your logo on it given out at a charity 5K race will continue advertising your business for years to come.

On the Golf Course

Golf isn’t merely a leisure sport.  It’s the buoyant venue where business gets done.  Think of it as a six-hour sales call.  While it is best to avoid discussing business before the 5th hole, you can casually give your partners custom printed ball markers, tees, or even custom printed Callaway golf balls before the 1st hole.  Be sure to wear your quality embroidered golf shirt, keeping your logo in front of them during all 18 holes.

In Your Place of Business

This is one of the easiest places to keep your logo in front of your potential customer.  Every desk in your office where clients visit should have a custom logo mug or water bottle, just like the Today Show every morning.  Have plenty of logo pens available at every desk, a very inexpensive give away that will continue advertising for you long after the sale.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.