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This apparel business originated from its owner seeing a need for quality, custom-logo dealer apparel over fifteen years ago. Direct Persuasion's goal is simple --give customers exactly what they want, how they want it, at the lowest pricesDirect Persuasions is now committed to providing quality merchandise and backing it up with quality service to the automobile dealer industry, a growing number of other industries, and is, proudly, an officiaGeneral Motors licensee.

At Direct Persuasions, we listen to our customers so in 2004, we launched a new catalog and website focused on what customers said they wanted to see. The diversity and selection of apparel, such as colors, manufacturers, and styles, means customers can take advantage of a wide selection, at the lowest prices that only an operation of our scale and experience can offer. Additionally, our embroidery is done in-house by our employees, which allows us control over quality and production of custom logos. And our prices are way below retail, and unequaled on the internet, even including embroidery.

It's all about you

CHOICES: At Direct Persuasions we provide as many choices as possible and let you, the customer, make the decisions. You decide on typestyle, lettering size, and whether to place the name above or below the logo(s). Our designers will lay out numerous options to select from -- at no additional cost. At Direct Persuasions our customers are able to specify thread colors for each and every item in their order and allow the customer to individualize their order for only one shipping charge. Direct Persuasions only charges for embroidery for the total number of items in your order, regardless of how many different layouts are in your order. Multi-line dealerships often need to combine two or more logos with their dealer name -- we don't charge for this like other companies. At Direct Persuasions our goal is to give the customer what they want.

NO HIDDEN FEES: At Direct Persuasions the answer is "Yes, we can do that for you." Our customers talk and we listen. Our loyal customer base told us that they were tired of other companies that say "no, we can't do that" and "there is an extra charge for that" or "there is a minimum order for that service." Other companies claim to offer "free" embroidery but include hidden embroidery charges in their pricing and limit "free" embroidery to a single logo and thread color. At Direct Persuasions the answer is "Yes, we can do that for you" with no hidden fees.

DON'T PAY FOR WHAT YOU DON'T NEED: Many of our customers love to treat themselves to a shirt or two with no embroidery for their weekend wear. Since there are no hidden charges for the cost of "free" embroidery you can buy logo-free wear at a lower price. At Direct Persuasions you know exactly how much you are paying for your apparel and how much you are paying for your embroidery.

Experienced & Friendly Staff

Each of our customer service representatives has at least thirty-two years experience in the dealer apparel industry. They are personally knowledgeable of the products and manufacturers featured in our catalog and are happy to assist you with your apparel selection and purchase. After speaking with them you will be assured that your business is truly appreciated. At Direct Persuasions the answer is "Yes, we can do that for you."

Direct Persuasions

"After working for a dealer apparel company for many years, I was sympathetic to the aggravation of customers who tired of being told "no" every time they asked for something outside of a basic logo with dealer name. I personally do not want to see customers settle for less than what they really wanted, so Direct Persuasions became the vehicle for my goal of providing the best customer service and quality work in the industry." --Tracy Dowen, President




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